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    Hygienic Design - Ferdinand Schwabe

    Hygienic design

    "Hygienic Design" means the cleaning-friendly manufacture of parts, components and production systems. Avoiding microbial, chemical and particulate contamination of the end product in hygiene-critical production environments is a key requirement.
    For pure production, the selection of suitable materials and the geometric design of equipment play an essential role and have a decisive influence on the corresponding processes.

    Criteria for hygienically designed machines and process components are to be found e.g. in the new EU Machinery Regulation Reg. (EU) 2023/1230, Appendix 2.1, in harmonised
    and non-harmonised EU Standards, in ISO Standards, EHEDG guidelines or the US 3-A Sanitary Standards.
    Conformity or conformity of the production equipment for food production, pharmaceutical or bioprocessing systems is intended to ensure that the hygienic hazards can be controlled.
    Furthermore, the energy efficiency and the environmental balance are improved by saving energy, water and cleaning chemicals.

    The suitability and documentation of equipment for hygienic production takes place from a special point of view.

    For this assessment, the following hygiene-critical key points are used, among others:

    • Materials under consideration of their indended use
    • Material combinations, especially under tribologial conditions
    • Geometrical design, considering fluid dynamics
    • Permanent and non-permanent joints
    • Special detailed solutions
    • Selection of components
    • Method of fabrication
    • Surfaces and coatings
    • Quality assurance measures
    • Documentation
    • Product information and operating instructions

    When discussing the individual purity-critical details, the following key points are highlighted:

    • Potential accumulation of fluids in dead spaces
    • Hygienic design risk assessment, and cleanability of the screw connections
    • Seal design in hygiene-critical areas
    • Sufficient wetting of all areas with cleaning agents and disinfectants
    • Unhindered drainage of liquids
    • Surface quality
    • Hygienic and front-flush joints

    My offer is aimed at the following areas of application / industries

    • Food production and processing
    • Cosmetics industry
    • pharmaceutical industry
    • biotechnology
    • Medical technology