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3-A Sanitary Standards Inspection Services

  • Are you a fabricator of food and beverage equipment or special dairy equipment like e.g. valves, pumps, sensors, tanks, fittings or even complete filling machines?
  • Are you concerned about hygienic design and usage of materials that conform with federal regulations?
  • Are you striving for higher market shares in US American or Asian markets?
  • Do you know the probably oldest organization on this planet that publishes hygienic equipment standards? 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. located in Virginia, USA?
  • Did you ever consider to get a 3-A Symbol License for your products?

Licensed equipment which bears the 3-A logo is especially important for dairy plants because it’s referenced in the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO)
as well as in “7 CFR 58 Subpart B– General Specifications for Dairy Plants Approved for USDA Inspection and Grading Service“.

Many dairies and other food processors have specified a 3-A symbol license in their purchasing specifications for equipment.
Would you like to belong to the group of potential suppliers? Then become a Symbolholder.

CCE Authorization Certificate:

Introduction of GMP for materials in contact with food into your QM-system

  • Do you manufacture food contact materials or are you a part of the supply chain from the manufacturing of food contact materials until the fabrication of machinery, plants or components for the processing or filling of food products or beverages?
  • Do you intend to implement Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) according to Regulation (EC) 2023/2006 in your enterprise?

With my qualification as an quality management representative, I’m happy to assist you in this task.

TQM Manager Certificate:

Conformity Evaluation of Food Processing Machinery

My services for equipment manufacturers and food processors:

  • Is your equipment really conforming to appendix I, 2.1 of the EU machinery directive regarding hygienic design requirements? Does it conform with harmonized EU Standards?
  • Are the material certificates for plastics and rubber of your suppliers in line with EU regulations or national requirements?
  • If you’re not sure if your equipment conforms, I offer you independent services as a neutral third party to find an answer.
  • If you’ve got hygienic issues in your food production, e.g. microbiological product contaminations or excessive cleaning time and costs, please contact me.

EHDG in-house training courses hygienic design

European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG)

Full-day in-house EHEDG Basic Course on Hygienic Design Principles

The objective of this course is to provide awareness and general knowledge on hygienic design of equipment and facilities especially for food and beverages, but also for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.

The course is intended forManagers, mechanical engineers, constructors, draughtsmen, sales-engineers, equipment purchasers, process engineers, operators, quality assurance and food safety staff, food safety regulators and auditors related with the following sectors:

  1. Equipment manufacturers
  2. Food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries
  3. Process integrators and consultants

Subjects of the course:

  • EHEDG Einführung
  • Rechtliche Anforderungen
  • Gefährdungen bei der Lebensmittelverarbeitung
  • Hygienische Konstruktionskriterien
  • Konstruktionsmaterialien
  • Reinigung und Desinfektion
  • Anforderungen an Gebäude und Prozessgestaltung

Training language is English. Every attendee receives a folder with color-printed presentation material (2 slides/page).
Also, every participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

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